Edit / Update a Certificate

To edit a certificate, click the  icon of the certificate you want to edit.


General Specifications

Certificate name

Enter a name for the certificate.


Select the new owner of the certificate.

Domains of the previous user that have been equipped with this certificate will keep this certificate even after being assigned to a new user.


Updating the certificate

Updating is useful if you need to renew an existing certificate. Since the private key normally remains unchanged here, only the certificate information needs to be updated.

You can upload the corresponding certificate files directly. Click on the button "Browse / Select file" under "Upload certificate files" and select the corresponding file for upload.
Common file extensions are:

".key" for the private key
".crt" for the certificate
"-ca.crt" for the root/intermediate certificate of the certificate issuer.

Or copy the text of the certificate components into the input fields under "Upload certificate as text".
You can recognize the correct certificate component by the header/footer line:

"-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----" / "-----END PRIVATE KEY-----" for the private key
"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" / "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" for the certificate or the root/intermediate certificate of the certificate issuer.



Finally, click on the button to save the settings:

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