Security Settings

To access the security settings, open a domain for editing or select the check box "Go to security option management automatically" when you create a subdomain. 


The Input Fields

SSL/TLS certificate

No certificate:
The domain can only be reached via an unsecured HTTP connection.

Let's Encrypt certificate:
For the domain, a free certificate from the Let's Encrypt certification authority is used. Issuance, installation and renewal are performed automatically.

Existing certificate:
Existing certificate: In the drop-down menu, select the SSL/TLS certificate with which you want to secure the domain.

Force secure connection

If activate, all domain requests via http:// are automatically redirected to a secure https://.
(Can only be activated if an SSL/TLS certificate has been selected).

HTTP Sctrict Transport Security

Activate this option in order to inform the domain visitor's browser that for a defined time (max-age) only encrypted connections will be allowed for this domain in the future.
(Can only be activated if an SSL/TLS certificate has been selected).

In the max-age field, specify how long the browsers should store this information. Usual values are half (15768000 seconds) or a whole year (31536000 seconds). You can also specify the time span in minutes, hours or days. Select the desired unit from the drop-down menu.

Apply security options to subdomains

Select whether the settings you have made above should also be applied to subdomains. You can select all subdomains or single subdomains via SHIFT or CTRL + mouse click.

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