Edit DNS Zone

Please note: Only make changes to the DNS settings if you are aware of your actions.
Incorrect settings can lead to inaccessibility of the domains. This inaccessibility can last for 24 hours due to the caching used in the name service.



After opening the DNS zone, the currently available DNS records are displayed.

You will get additional help for each DNS record type by clicking on the following button:


With the help of this button  you can transfer the TTL (time to live) of the SOA record to all other TTLs of the records.


Edit Record

Type the new values you need in the form fields of the corresponding record. Then press the button to save the zone.


You want to change the wildcard entry * IN A from IP to

Change the IP address as shown in the following screenshots.


Current state


Modified state

To apply the change, click the button:


Add Record

To add a record, first click on the button, then you can adjust it by using the input fields of the record:



You want to add another MX record named "my.own.mailserver.com" with a priority of 20.

1.) First add a new record.

2.) Type "@" (for the domain itself) in the field host.

3.) Leave the default TTL unchanged.

4.) In the drop-down box, change the record type to MX.

5.) In the resource data field, enter the required priority and the desired host "my.own.mailserver.com." separated by spaces. 

Pay attention to the final dot at "my.own.mailserver.com." - if this is not set, the domain name is automatically attached.


6.) Then click on the button to apply the changes:


Remove Record

To remove the record, click the following button in the row you want to delete. The entry will be deleted without further request.


Reset DNS Zone to Default Values

If you have made changes to a zone but want to discard it, you can restore the original default values at any time. Click on the following button:


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