Open DNS Zone

Open DNS Zone Using the Selection / Search Mask

Click on the menu item DNS Zone Editor in the navigation bar. A selection/search mask is displayed. 
Select the domain whose DNS settings you want to change either directly in the Selection field or use the search box. The domains displayed in the selection field are automatically filtered according to your search term. 
The star symbol (*) can be used as a wildcard.


Open DNS Zone via the Domain Overview

You can also open the DNS zone of a domain via the Domain Overview. The domains for which it is possible to customize the zone are marked with one of the following symbols. A click on these symbols opens the DNS zone of the selected domain.

You can customize the DNS zone for this domain. Currently the standard DNS template is used.

You can customize the DNS zone for this domain. Currently, custom DNS settings are used.


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Published on Tue, Nov 14, 2017