Create an Email Address

To create a new email address, click the button on the email overview page:



The Input Fields

Email address

Enter the desired mailbox name in the e-mail address field and select the domain for which you want to create the mailbox.


In the description field, you can enter notes that will make it easier for you to differentiate between multiple email addresses.


Set any password or have one generated automatically.

Activate Catch-All

Select the "Activate Catch-All" checkbox if you want to receive all mail sent to non-existent mail addresses of the domain through this account. Please note the hints shown in the form!

Mailbox quota

Select the desired mailbox size.

Select the "After setting up the email account call up the page for managing alias addresses, forwarding and security measures" check box if you want to configure additional settings immediately.


To save the settings, click the button:


The e-mail account is then displayed in the overview with the generated user name, the current memory usage, as well as the activated redirects and protection measures.

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