Email Addresses Overview

The overview page gives you an overview of all email accounts with their alias and  forwarding addresses as well as memory usage.


To create a new email account, click the following button:


To delete all marked email accounts, click the following button:



Icons and Columns Meanings

The email account is currently being created and cannot be used yet.

The email account was successfully created and can now be used.


Displays active forwarding addresses for the mail account.


Shows the username for this email account

Mailbox size

Displays the current and maximum size of the mailbox.


Shows whether the mailbox is a catch-all mailbox.


 The virus scanner is activated.

 The spam filter is activated.

Change the password, mailbox size, alias addresses, redirections and protection measures.

Delete the email account.

Opens the webmailer in a new tab, the user name is automatically transferred (only visible if Roundcube is enabled as webmailer).

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